Brews & Battles


sept 29th and 30th 2017

(While Supplies Last) 


Shot Specials 

Tuaca $4

Jalapeno Pickle Shots $4 

Jaeger $4 

FireBall $4 

PBR & pickle shot special $6


 Ramune Mixed Drinks $7  

(Made With Ramune, Flavored Liquors & Cotton Candy) 


Strawberry Ramune, Strawberry Liquor & Whipped Vodka 


Melon Ramune, Midori & Whipped Vodka 


Orange Ramune, Triple Sec & Tuaca 


$4.00 mixed drinks 

  • Gin and Tonic 

  • Whiskey Coke/Ginger 

  • Tequila Soda 

  • Vodka Cranberry 

  • any well single shot/mixed drink

I was incredibly lucky to get these amazing craft beers from Tokyo! Unfortunately they are extremely expensive to get so ill be offering half pours so if you don't feel like spending the money on a full glass you can try them!