House Rules & Faq's

  1. Absolutely NO food or DRINKS on the games ($50.00 Service charge for spilling on a machine will be enforced)
  2. Do not hit, smack, shake, deface or get rough with our machines
  3. Games take Quarters only. 1 Quarter per play on Candy Cabinets.
  4. Please respect our space. Lets keep this place looking nice for everyone!
  5. Respect other players.
  6. Please if you are having any problems with a game notify a staff member and they will  be able to help you with your problem.
  7. We ID Everyone NO EXCEPTIONS!
  8. Children and underage people are allowed in with Adults 21 and up only till 6PM
  9. You may bring in outside food or have orders delivered here.
  10. Wednesday is designated family day, kids can be in all the way up until closing time.
  11. Parents please keep in mind we do have an adult crowd and we serve alcohol. Please watch your children and be aware of what they are doing.  
  12. If for any reason you cannot follow the rules you will be asked to leave. 
  13. Last and most important after rule number 1.  HAVE FUN!