Console Gaming

I'm proud to announce we have  new area for console gaming and will be expanding on it more this year. As of right now there are three 1ms 24 inch monitors set up for customers. This area is a work in progress as of right now its for groups, friends, and tournaments. 


1. How does it work?

We will be working towards getting more systems available. This area is for people that want to have a event like friends gathering or to use as a tournament space. No Charge to use them at this moment but as we add systems there will eventually be a small fee to use. 

2. Do we have to bring our own set ups/consoles/games?

Yes as of this moment, If you want to play a certain game with friends IE King of Fighters, Mario Kart, Street Fighter 4 ect ect.. bring the system hook it up via HDMI and play! Controllers/joysticks/systems are not available at this time so please bring your own. All of the necessary hook ups are here excluding power cords so please bring the cord for your system.

3. Can we reserve the space for tournaments?

Yes of course, there is no door charge or fee to use the venue. We only ask that you promote your event and allow us to promote it for you to make sure we have sales at the bar and on other games.

4. Don't you already have tournaments going on?

Yes, We host weeklies for local SFV players. Check our Schedule on the home page.

5. Do you Stream all events.

No, Only weeklies and Akihabara main tournaments. You are welcome to bring in your own set up to stream if you like.